The passion to create and document timeless images is what drives and motivates
Tony Mobley.
Born and raised in Washington, D.C. Tony’s first photo of memory was that of his
younger sister Patricia in front of their family home at the tender age of 9 years
old. That picture still graces the wall in their parents’ home to this day. As fate
would have it he developed a passion for the art of photography so much that one
of his most treasured gifts was a 35mm Minolta film camera gifted from his
parents for his high school graduation present. As a self taught photographer,
Tony would take pictures with his film camera capturing family events, friends and
his travels while serving in the U.S. Navy. The love of photography and the desire
to create has remained a constant as Tony has a remarkable ability to capture and
captivate those same expressions, moments and personalities within his
photographs. Tony’s previous work includes covering corporate events, portrait
sessions and concert photography. His recent focus has been on protest and
documentary photography with his work being featured in Vogue, Buzzfeed and
for BET’s (Black Entertainment Network) Content for Change, PSA. His goals and
aspirations are to one day work creatively with brand development and to continue
to document stories through social justice reform and activism. 
He was formerly a resident “house” photographer at the historic Howard Theatre
located in Washington D.C.
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